Cleaning Pebble Dash Walls

How to Clean Pebble Dash Walls

One of the questions we get the most is, can we clean pebble dash walls? In short, yes, a pebble dash wall can be cleaned just like a normal smooth rendered wall. It takes a slightly different approach but really it is very similar to cleaning any other wall. The staining and the moss can be removed and the pebble dash walls can be restored.

Cleaning a pebble dash house

Pebbledash attracts bacteria, fungus, and algae just like any other rendered wall. But a pebble dash house is also very likely to grow moss on the wall. All the little stones that make up the pebble dash provide a perfect anchor point for mosses to stick to and start growing. Smooth render rarely grows moss if cleaned frequently and is much easier to remove as there is less concern about removing the stones that define pebble dash. Special attention is paid to not disturbing the stones on the pebble dash than necessary. Our job is to wash the pebble dash, not to destroy it.

But, when every cleaning a pebble dash wall you will always lose some of the stones, it is very unlikely that you will get bald sections, that’s not something we’ve ever seen. But when cleaning pebble dash we always see some stones fall away and collect on the floor, but it’s never enough to notice the difference on the actual pebble dash.


pebble dash wall cleaning

Pebble dash wall washing

To clean the wall we soft-wash the wall, just like we would when cleaning a smooth rendered wall. The difference is that we would spray the chemical onto the pebble dash. The soft wash chemical will be applied a few times on the day until the cleaning crew feels that the wall is We might brush it in once but to avoid disturbing the pebbles dash any more than necessary we would spray it on first. The chemical treatment kills and washes away the black, red, and green staining very quickly. The moss is killed by the chemicals and loses its grip on the wall, it can then be washed off the wall gently with low pressure from a normal garden tap. This can take time and isn’t always gone after the clean. We let nature take care of the rest and over the next few months, the rain will wash away the remaining dead moss on the wall. This is the main difference in washing pebble dash walls compared to smooth rendered walls, it takes a little bit of extra time for it to be completely cleaned.

Maintaining the pebble dash wall

Once the pebble-dash wall has been cleaned, it’s a good idea to maintain the clean by treating it every 2-3 years. This will prevent the regrowth of moss and keep the wall clean and prevent and further damage. The cost to do a maintenance treatment is much less as it’s a quickener job, The soft-wash chemical will be sprayed onto the wall just once to maintain the clean appearance of the wall.

Booking a pebble dash render clean

To book in a pebble dash render clean you can email us at If you can email us photos of all the pebble dash walls that need cleaning, then we will be able to provide you with a quote.

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